Whether you're a ballerina looking to gain flexibility, a swimmer looking for more strength in each stroke, a gymnast looking for balance and control, a UFC fighter looking for endurance, a soccer team looking for fluidity, or parent looking for maximized results in an hour workout, look no further. 

Training one-on-one with Uldi gives you the opportunity to excel in your sport like you never have before.


Past Clients

Miss Fitness USA

Sara Harding

Sara became Miss Fitness USA for two consecutive years.  

Olympic Gymnastics

Kyle Shewfelt

Kyle became an Olympic Gymnast and competed in the Athens 2004 olympics. 

UFC Championship

Frank Mir

Frank Muir had lost three fights in a row. He needed a comeback, and quick. Muir trained with Uldi and has his first career knockout against Todd Dufee, followed by another record breaking win against Bigfoot Silva

Tom Cruise

While visiting the acrobats at KÁ, Uldi taught Tom Cruise how to be an acrobat himself. Even though Cruise says, "you're not supposed to look," you can see his backflip here

Céline Dion Dancers 

All backup dancers

Uldi trained all of Céline Dion backup dancers to increase their endurance, make each movement more impactful, avoid injuries and soreness.