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Our Mission

At A+ Studios we believe that movement is healing. We believe the body is capable of amazing things. We believe in pushing ourselves and respecting ourselves. We believe that there is more to fitness than sweating.

Since 2014, we have brought Summerlin first-class training techniques acquired from years of work in Cirque du Soleil, Olympic Gymnastics, and high-performance coaching. 

About Our Founder


Uldi Hajdu is an internationally renowned athlete, performer, coach, and fitness icon. Uldi has his masters in Physical Education, competed on the Hungary's National Gymnastics team, played the lead role in several films, performed with Cirque du Soleil, and coached Olympic athletes. Uldi specializes in training high-performance athletes and is now using his expertise to nurture athleticism and discipline in his community.


High Performance Coach

Athens Olympics (2004)

UFC Championship (2015)

Miss Fitness USA (2006)

Céline Dion Dancers (2006)


National Hungarian Gymnastics Team 


His extensive background in gymnastics allows Uldi to help you develop lean muscles and healthy joints.


Lead Actor

White Palms (2006) 

Lost Persons Area (2009) 

Deep in a Dream of You (2013)

Two of Uldi's films have been selected for Cannes  International Film Festival, one for Toronto Film Festival, and one was nominated for an Oscar. 


Cirque du Soleil

KÁ (2003-2006)

Uldi was crucial in the development of KÁ's choreography and design. He was involved in the show's success from inception to  the first 1,000 shows.